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Title: Yarn and Roving

This page currently shows only a few of the products we offer. Once we get a complete set of photos and product descriptions, you will be able to learn about all of our yarn and roving products here.  If you are interested in something you think we might have but don't see here, please use the contact form send us a message and request a reply by phone or email.

Subtitle: Exciting New Products from Mt. Liberty Woolworks

Cheviot Cream:  A versatile DK-weight cottage industry yarn spun from Cheviot wool that was cleaned and carded the old-fashioned way, without the use of harsh chemicals or industrial machinery.  The professional finish of this yarn, which has an even weight and twist throughout, makes it easy to work with.  At the same time, the natural coloration and small flecks of plant fiber left in the wool give it a unique character.  The result is an elegant simplicity that allows your work to make a statement without shouting.    picture of Cheviot Cream yarn

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   Price: $5.00
1 oz. tied skein

Hand Painted Cheviot:  This yarn has been created by hand painting Cheviot wool yarn that has been cleaned, carded, and spun by the same methods as the Cheviot Cream.  The fulling that results from the dye process produces a yarn that is a bit thicker and less compressed than the natural color Cheviot Cream.  The color combinations in this yarn produce stunning effects that will allow you to weave, knit, or crochet a work of art.    picture of Hand Painted Cheviot

   Price: $17.50
1 oz. center-pull ball

Cheviot Wool Roving:  Cheviot wool is ideal for hand spinning.  If you are just learning to spin, you will find that Cheviot wool is easy to work with.  Experienced spinners also appreciate Cheviot wool for its versatiliy and as a superior wool for dyeing, either before or after spinning.  Cheviot wool roving resists felting and is much less likely than most other types of wool to mat or tangle during the dye process.  It also produces lovely results when left its natural creamy color.

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Fishermen's Wool:  Authentic 100% Pure Virgin Wool worsted-weight yarn with natural lanolin oil is soft and warm! Ideal for ski and fisherman sweaters, hats,scarves, throws, etc.   

   Price: $7.50
465 yd. center-pull

Lion Wool - Classic Red:  A soft and elegant worsted-weight 100% wool yarn available in a classic color range, in which solids coordinate with prints. Create timeless knit and crochet garments, accessories and home fashions. Excellent for creating felted projects. Labels feature both cleaning and felting instructions.   

   Price: $6.50
158 yd. center-pull

More Products Coming Soon


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