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Title: About Us

At the Wool Loft, we carefully evaluate each product before we offer it for sale.  As part of that evaluation, we talk with the company that produces the product.  Below you will find information about each of the companies that make the products sold at the Wool Loft.

Subtitle: Yarn & Roving

The Wool Loft is pleased to offer you yarn and roving from several sources:

Mt. Liberty Woolworks

Mt. Liberty Woolworks produces yarn and roving using traditional, cottage-industry methods.  Located in Knox County Ohio, Mt. Liberty Woolworks acquires its wool directly from sheep shearing at nearby farms.  All products offered by Mt. Liberty Woolworks are made entirely in the USA.

Lion Brand Yarn

We offer several types of 100% wool Lion Brand yarn.  Lion Brand is known for the quality and reliability of its products.  The Lion Brand yarns we offer are especially suited for dyeing and felting projects, and represent a great value at an affordable price.

Subtitle: Spinning Tools & Supplies

Check back soon to see our offering of tools and supplies for spinning, including starter kits for those who want to learn how to make their own distinctive homespun yarn.

Subtitle: Patterns

Check back soon to see our offering of patterns for knitting, crochet and weaving.


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